The Sydney Women’s International Club (SWIC) was founded in January 1997 by a group of women who sought to welcome other women new to Sydney by promoting social contact. By initiating contact between newcomers from overseas and interstate, and local women, opportunities arose to explore Sydney and form new friendships.

We are part of the ‘Open Door to Associations of International Women’, and pride ourselves on being a truly international club with members from many countries around the world.

“SWIC provides a fabulous opportunity to make contact with like-minded individuals whilst enjoying the best of Sydney. We offer a range of activities for members and you will receive a warm welcome and friendly support.

As of April 2019 we have 381 members representing  33 countries. The club turned 22 this year and is still welcoming new members; indeed one third of our members have joined in the last three years from many countries around the world.

SWIC aims to make Sydney feel smaller, more welcoming to our members, and help make it feel more like home. We organise many activities for members, the majority of which occur during the day. We do offer four evening activities for members who may work or have daytime commitments, some weekend activities, and several events each year to which members can invite friends and partners.”

Catherine Marsh

SWIC President






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